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  1. Hi Juha, I am in Australia restoring a 2 tonne "G" model, i have not been able to locate any spares here in Australia, I am looking for a carburettor and a workshop manual. I have started a blog on my progress reoresto.wordpress.com if you wanted to have a look, if i come across any spares i will email. there was a complete truck in America on ebay but not economical to bring here. Paul Rigney QLD Australia
  2. Agree with Digger 914, should be able to do a light wax with quality products and cheesecloth, alternatively you could put it on a boat and i would look after her Love the old dear and very rare over here in Australia.
  3. Hi Joe in Canada, go for it with your ears back man, never to old, buy finished and enjoy, or restore enjoy and keep the mind and brain working ( sometimes on overtime). I have had a 1926 REO Speedwagon for 10 years and have only just started the resto, also assisting my brother with a 27 international, love every minute I am working on them. The Reo is a big task i have a blog ( my children insisted I track it with a blog) reoresto.wordpress.com have a look and happy restoring.
  4. Thanks Mark, I am heading through Deepwater at Christmas and intend to call and see Peter, I was past his place a couple of months ago but was unable to contact him, hopefully more success this time. I intend to join the Reo club in the new year (just one of those things i have not got around to yet) Again Thanks.
  5. Found this machine in a transport museum Inverell Australia, runs a 2cyl horizontally opposed motor.
  6. G'day all, does anyone have information on how I go about finding out what dates etc my 1926 REO would have been exported to Australia, and where in Australia it may have been sold. all info appreciated Thanks.
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