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What make is this chain drive rear axel

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That style of hub and brake was used from some time in I think 1912 through 1914. Before that Metz used a multiple disc brake inside the hub, and did not have the brakes on the inner end of the deep/long hubs. For 1915, Metz switched to a single chain drive instead of the dual chain drive like this axle has.

The wire wheels are nice. They were optional on most Metz cars throughout their production under the Metz name. These should use a 30X3 clincher tire. Earlier versions were smaller, some later versions had more standard looking hubs according to photos I have seen. In 1914, wire wheels were standard issue on the appropriately named "Speedster" model which came originally in a one year only for Metz color of orange (I have part of a radiator still showing that color). The Speedster was a one year only offering. The similar 1913 "Special" Roadster was originally red over black and standard with wood wheels. Wire wheels were optional according to some past Metz authorities no longer with us.

Nice axle and wheels! I hope it finds a good home.


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