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  1. I would like to buy a Kinsey 4 outlet Lubricator. Regards Adam
  2. These lamps were under the rear seat of a Model G REO that I got from the Warne Trust Auction. What Vehicle do you think they may be from. Cheers Adam
  3. I have picked up a 1909 single its all there apart from the ignition system on the engine has anyone got some images of the components. I have the trembler on the fire wall with the 3 way switch built in.
  4. Thank you I recently picked it up, I did not know the year.
  5. What is the year of REO No.15513 Regards Adam
  6. Where can the engine and frame number be found on a 1906 single cylinder REO. Regards Adam
  7. All that we have are the timber patterns to cast engine components. The local foundry kept them from 1908 to the mid 1980's when they closed.
  8. A Local built this car in 1908 in Echuca, Victoria, Australia. It is believed that he built it from American plans he purchased from a catalogue. What do you guys know about it? we are planning to build a replica of it as the engine castings still exist.
  9. Thank you some good very good advice. Shipping from NY the quote is allmost double still waiting for more quotes I am keen to drive maybe should suck it and see, I need a holiday. Transport from where ever it all goes wrong. I think it would make it, treated with respect. I have thought about Hiring a large pick up and puting it in the back. I will let you know what the end result is.
  10. About 110 Hours if all goes good. Are there laws restricting old slow cars on roads in any states.
  11. Looking for tips to get a single cylinder run about from Northern Maine to Los Angles Ca. Thank you in advance
  12. May have been on here before, but worth a look.
  13. The lubricator works by displacement close the bottom cock open the top cock to fill with cylinder oil or tallow in the old days. Then close the top cock and open the bottom cock, this allows steam to enter the oiler as it condensates the water makes its way to the bottom of the tallow cup and the oil floats on top, inside the oiler will be a tube just like a wick feed oil cup as the steam condensates the rising oil makes its way into this tube oil being heaver than steam drips onto the piston or valve. you can not tell when this oiler is empty, not all tallow cup oilers have the center tube.
  14. what speed will a single cylinder 1906-7 REO do, do they have more than one gear. Adam
  15. Please Email images of your car and list of parts there and missing. Adam Auditori auditori@bigpond.com
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