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Shackle Bushings?


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Hi Guys,

                   I'm replacing my rear leaf springs and I need a set of rubber bushings to fit the shackles at the rear. There are 4 bushings per shackle for a total of eight. Can you recommend a supplier for these?



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If you are so unlucky ( or perhaps lucky)! to have a make where bushings are not readily available and do not need bushings withe the steel sleeves .........


Do a search for Harris Bushings and find a chart like this one:




Find the closest size to what you need ( ID and OD being the most important as they are the hardest to alter - you can always cut the length down fairly easily on your chop saw/table saw and a wooden dowel inserted in the hole for support , just cut through the dowel)


When you find a size that suits you , search for it and order. I  ordered mine from General Spring


You won't find them on their catalogue  page but if you search their site with  the bushing number, it will show up.


The steel sleeved bushings have a trade name that escapes me but they can probably be found in a similar manner. A bit harder to modify of course

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I have a Mackay Silentruba catalog from 1955. The 1938 Plymouth has only one steel sleeved bushing listed, rear spring front. It is S1 in their nomenclature 306458 factory part no.. The vehicle also has 16 "shock absorber rubber bushes", all the same, number A148 (factory part 668164 or A2280952). These might be the ones to which you refer. If the spring eye is slightly opened, they say to use S2 at RSF. These rely on a tight fit in the spring eye and the chassis mounting is compressed tight against the inner sleeve to hold it from rotating.


DO NOT use Nolathene or similar. They are hard. These bushes probably rely on crush to work. You have to compress them longitudinally to make them work properly.


In inches, the S1 outside sleeve is 1.281 to 1.285 x 16G x 2.010 to 1.990. The inner sleeve is 7/8" x 0.625 to 0.629 x 2.319 to 2.304, with the ends knurled or broached. You can use a shakeproof washer on each end to help the grip. The S2 has the same length and same inner sleeve, but the outside sleeve is 1.343 to 1.348" dia.

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