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Serial # and Engine # Match


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I was looking at what I now know is a 1935 Airstream CZ Deluxe with a flathead 8 over the weekend and wanted to know how to verify if the engine is the one that came with the car from the factory.  The info is below..



-Engine # CZ-9819 (Stamped on driverside engine block near cyl head)


-Serial # 6709979  (Stamped on plate near passenger side door hinge)


-Body No: CZ4T-4885  (Stamped on a small plate mounted on the driver side firewall)


-Serial No:  1417  (Stamped on passenger side firewall)




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The only way I know to verify the engine number is original to the car is to get a copy of the build card from Chrysler Historical. Another thread on this forum indicates they are not at present providing this service as they are tied up in some sort of special project but should be back to fulfilling build card requests in November.



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Guest JohnArthurSpinks

Hi Thomas,

I am wondering if the outer vertical face of the frame rail on the left side is stamped with the engine number in the same manner as the Chrysler Airflow.

On the Airflow the engine number is stamped on the frame rail on the arch above the rear axle, on the frame rail between the 'B' and the 'C' pillar and on frame rail directly in line with the 'A' pillar.

Could be worth a look dont you think.


John Spinks

C9 Chrysler Airflow Coupe in Australia

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  For what it's worth, I tried a couple of years ago to get a build card from Chrysler for my 1935 CZ DeLuxe and they sent my check back saying they didn't have the cards for 1935 so could not help me.  I have no idea if there is another way of telling if the original engine is in your car, but it is at least a 1935 CZ engine so without a build card, I wouldn't even worry about it.  I am in the same situation but I am not going to even concern myself with it as I too have a CZ engine in mine and most likely it is the original. Good luck on your Airstream, they are not real easy to find trim parts for and not real cheap when you do find them.


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