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1934 Buick Series 60 frame?


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Hi, I recently purchased a 37 Buick Series 40 Coupe, and the car came with another Buick frame. I did some research on it  to determine what it was and come up with a little bit of a roadblock. The I.D. tag is located at the very front right side frame rail, and the number is 2739205. This leads me to believe that it is a 34, however it has a 131" wheelbase. According to my "Standard Catalog of American Cars" book the Series 60 was 128" and the Series 90 was 136", with nothing in between. The wheelbase doesn't seem to be altered in any way and still has its original delco lever shocks on all four corners. There seems to be next to nothing about wheelbases on these cars on line. Any help in figuring this out will be greatly appreciated.



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Yes, probably a 1934 Series 60.  The wheels look correct from what little we can see of them. Having the helper springs at the rear has probably made the rear axle shift back a little; once an engine and trans were fitted I guess you would find you would have to pull the rear end forward to bolt it up.

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Sorry pont35cpe I just checked the topic. We are located in central Nebraska and yes the frame is for sale. After a closer look the rear end has been pushed back 3 in making it a Series 60 frame. It is in very nice shape and would be ideal for someone doing a 34 Series 60. I am asking $1500 for it. You can reach me at 308-440-2947.

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