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  1. That I am not for sure of. I thought it was factory but not 100 percent sure.
  2. Thanks Brad! I will be the first to admit I'm not the most tech savvy guy you'll meet!
  3. I have a clean 84 Rivi with 52K actual mi for sale currently on eBay. Item number 293497714476 . If you are interested, please take a look. Thanks, Travis.
  4. Complete Contiental 7r with transmission. The engine came out of a Sayer and Scoville. The timing change cover is dated 12-9-24. It appears that someone took the engine, transmission, and the front half to the frame and used it to run an irrigation well. The engine is stuck, but appears to be in good shape.. It is located in NE. Asking $2500 obo.
  5. Let me check on it and make sure they will sell it. It actually belongs to the brother of the guy that showed it to me. If you want to call me and discuss price my number is (308)-440-2947 Thanks Travis
  6. Sorry F@J I am in NE. Thank you all for your input, I will see if I can get it bought.
  7. Yes it is what came with it. It looks like somebody took the front half of the frame , the engine and transmission and used it on an irrigation well. This was pretty common practice 50-60 years ago in the in this area. Any idea how much would be too much to pay it.
  8. I recently came across,( what seems to be complete), continental 7R engine. The grill shell says Sayer and Scovill. There is a date code stamped on the front of the block 12 9 24 . It has a Stromberg updraft carburetor and gen and distributor.This is a little out of my wheelhouse and not exactly sure if I should pick it up or not. The engine is stuck. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. I hope I am not getting ready to give this car away. Auction ends in a couple of hours.
  10. Mr. Earl, All I have done to the car is pour Marvel Mystery Oil down the cylinders and hoped that it would free up. I did that a week ago last Sunday and can still not turn it by hand or get it to roll over with the starter. I know that is not doing much, but I would rather sell the car stuck and let someone who has a better idea then myself rather then myself free it up then me breaking something being stupid. The man I bought the car inherited the car from his brother and he said that he left for the Navy in 65 and he was driving the car then and came back in 70 and it had been parked. He also said that he had bought another car while he was gone was driving it and was not sure why he parked the Buick. This was common practice with this family because I have bought three other cars from him that either he, his brother, or his parents just parked out in there pasture when they were done driving them. I am sure whatever antifreeze was in the car has long since evaporated. The underneath side of the hood latch look real solid and the passenger side seat skirt looks nice but the drivers side seat latch has broke through. I took a few pics take a look and I will be happy to answer any questions you or anyone else has on the car. Thanks
  11. I will have to admit the Christmas color combo would not have been my first choice, but I have seen much worse color combos, especially by Chrysler in the 70s. Not to sound greedy, but I do hope the price goes up considerably. The 55 century wagon that ended on ebay the other day didn't meet the reserve at $5900. They said it was rust free, but had really no closeup pictures to prove that. My car is much rarer than the 55, therefore I am confident that the car will bring good money. I have learned in the past to never underestimate the last 60 seconds of an eBay auction!!
  12. Thanks, somebody will do something great with it.
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