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63 Steel Wheel Center Hole bore size


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All, I purchased the original '63 steel wheels for my car to replace the Rallye's and go back to original. However, when test fitting them, they fit very tightly on the rear hubs. Is this normal?


The hole should be 3.5", but thinking these are just a couple thousanths off. Has anyone every needed to bore these to 3.5", and how did you do that? 


The wheels were media blasted and powdered coated. I removed the coating from the center hub ring and sanded with sand paper. No rust. I also wire-wheeled the hub on the axle to remove any rust, so I believe this is now a dimensional issue.


The wheels will bolt on, but takes the lug nuts to push them down to the hub. Getting the wheel back off took a rubber mallet.









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Chuck, I had the same thing happen to me when I switched to steel wheels. Part of the problem was the powder coating on the edge of the center hub. I don't know if this is the case with you but, when they balanced my wheels they used tape weights on the back inner side of the rim and the weights were binding against the edge of the brake drum. I had them rebalance with regular weights on the back, outer edge of the rim and the problem was solved. Bill

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