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Getting ready to rebuild 228, advice or tips appreciated


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My 41 took a dump a few weeks ago (but as you see fro the pic at least it looked good while waiting for the tow truck, haha). Lots of nice, could barely keep it running on what felt like 3 cylinders. Compression check was miserable on all 6, 0 on #3. Got the head off and sure enough a few pistons broke apart. Could not find any pieces but the bent valves tell me where they went. Engine is coming out for a rebuild. It has always smoked a bit so it was time anyway but I was hoping to hold off till winter but oh well. This will be my first flat head rebuild. Any pointers, local machine shops recommended (Rochester area), parts I may not have thought of? So far the list is pretty straight forward


Hot tank the block

Check cylinders, bore if needed or just hone

Check valve seats

Replace all pistons, rings, valves and springs

New rod and main bearings

Have dizzy rebuilt

Recore radiator (noticed some slight seaping on the bottom)

Replace water distributor if needed

New water pump

Probably missed a bunch but I don't have the list in front of me


The engine is ready to come out this weekend. Where is the best lifting point on it? Just engine, not tranny. I have priced everything and looks like the best prices are kind of spread out between Andy's, eBay and NAPA. Most engine components from Andy, gaskets from NAPA and odds and ends from eBay. Any other suppliers you recommend? 






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Look at Egge Machine. They sell parts for your engine.

Have the head checked and planed

Have the crank shaft checked

Replace timing gears and chain

I would absolutely replace the water distribution tube - NOW - once everything is back together and in the car it becomes a real pain to do


I have hoisted these engines out by using the 4 corner head bolts attaching chains to them. I will probably catch a ton of flack for that but it always worked for me with no damage. I would use different bolts than the head bolts (unless you are replacing them) so as not to damage them.

Of course, if you wanted to use a "sling" you could wrap it around the bottom of the engine and do it that way.

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I am not sure about 41 DeSotos but most Chrysler product cars of the 40's had a "bolt-in" front floor. Pull the carpet up and see if the floor pan is bolted in. If so, just remove it and then you can get to the tranny bolts easily instead of trying to remove eng/trans together.

It will make life so much easier and lessen the risk of damaging the front end of the car.


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Guest Bob Call

For an additional source of parts try Northwestern Auto Supply in Grand Rapids, MI, (northwesternautosupply.com). They don't have an online catalog so you have to phone.  Older guys that actually know stuff about cars.  Also don't forget Rock Auto (rockauto.com) for stuff like belts, hoses, points, brake cylinder kits, wiper blades, switches, etc.

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I would take it apart first.

I don't buy parts until I know what I need.

I understand your theory, but how will you know what size pistons you will need, Bearings as well?

You even mentioned checking the bores in your first post.


Just my .02

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The engine is all stripped and the head is off, just haven't pulled it form the car yet. Still need to disconnect the shift linkages and it will be ready to come out. Bores measured within stock range and no lip so it won't need to be bored, just a good honing. Obviously it will need bearings but won't know what size until it comes apart. 

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