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Franklin parts needed


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My name is larry I'm looking for a cap and rotor for my franklin it is and atwater kent cap and rotor the cap has numbers in side that say 3447 and a small circle with a ak in side of it the rotor has a 1 on it with a small circle with the ak in it it is a six cylinder. You can get me at thanks for any help.



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I have one like that with a hole in the side also.

There was a vendor at Chickasaw that sells ignition parts but his name escapes me, some one might know.

All I can remember is that when you do find one it will be either cheap cause they have no clue what it fits or very expensive because they know what its for.

I got a cheap one :o.

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Hi extreament is Scott, your neighbor in the Endless Mountains. I recently purchased two large lots of series 10 and series 11 parts. Let me check what ignition parts I have to spare and I'll get back to you. Can't wait to hear how you're coming along with your project!


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Guest newbymachineworks
On ‎4‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 8:16 PM, old buicks said:

Extreament,   the name of the vendor at Chickasha is    Tom VanMeeteren    He has a huge amount of NOS ignition stuff.    tsvanmeet@gmail.com  or 402-359-5762

Tom is a great guy.  Give him a call.

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