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  1. A man called me out of the blue and said he heard I was looking for some parts for my franklin and i said yes he then told me he had a 1922 franklin v-screen for sale just the body but he was from California so I told him I could not get out there for that but had a friend in California that might want it and i gave him his number and he called my friend and gave him the same story he gave me about having the franklin for sale being in storage for 41 years and he was going to loose it so my friend agreed to buy it from him and when he went to get it the guy gave him some kind of shit story his number is 510-203-0507 if you get a story like this buyer beware it is a scam. Please share this so every one can be informed thank you all.
  2. I will take mine rear 1922 v-screen model 10-a original
  3. Hi every one we just acquired a 1922 franklin model 10-A and I'm looking for parts if you can help please let me know we are building this car for my 10 year old boy and could use all the help we can get in finding parts for it.you can reach me at my name is larry our at thank you again. Here is a pic of one we got done and the one we are working on.
  4. Would like more info on the franklin please
  5. Looking for interior parts Watson stabilizer. need a dash with gages. fuse box. front floor section.rear seat. front seat.and some more this was a parts car we are trying to fix for my 10 year old boy zachary.my 22 what I'm looking for is a interior grab handle so I can have some made but can't find a good original one.and a gas gage for the gas tank.any help would be great if have parts to if you need some let me know. Thank you for your time from larry here are some pics of my cars
  6. can i get his number from you are give him mine thank you for your help.
  7. Looking for parts for a 1922 franklin model 10-a if you have any call and let me know I will buy them. Thank you for your time.
  8. Thank you for any help scott
  9. Hi Scott do you know any one looking for some complete cylinders for a model 11 looking to trade for parts for my model 10 I have 5 of them.
  10. I got 5 of them compleat piston valves and willing to trade for a rear bumper for a 1922 franklin.
  11. Any franklin parts you have just let me know looking for speedometer for a 1922 franklin gas gage for gas tank and more let me know what you have and I will let you know if I need it thank you for all you help.
  12. I have a 1922 franklin 4 door
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