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  1. Still have headlights, I'm sure someone must be looking.
  2. Someone I know found it and the guy who as it says it's Franklin, I know is not Franklin. He can't find any make on it. It does have a Autolite dist and starter. Warner transmission. I hope to see the engine for my self within a month.
  3. Anyone have any idea the make of this little gem.
  4. Jeff Hasslen would be the only one I would go to. He has done his homework.
  5. Scott Solar 756 or 856 brass headlights would be on my wish list. Message me a I can get you a phone number
  6. Well for anyone interested the Series 4 sold for $46,000 Unfortunately it was not a Franklin club member. But rather a young man from California that said he is going to built a cool rat rod!
  7. Posting this to get the word out about a Franklin that has been in hiding for many years, undiscovered all this time. I have no assocation with this auction company or nothing to gain by posting this. CLASSIC CAR 1912/1913 Franklin Touring Car, 6Cyl/3spd Manual Trans (Air Cooled Engine w/2 valves per cyl). Frame #16527M Very Rare and Original Antique Classic! One Family Owned. This car has been in the Nelson Family since new and is known to be one of the First Large Touring Cars to arrive in Fargo/Moorhead. Currently stored in Garage. In excellent restoration condition or as a survivor. This is a Rare Barn Find with only a few made and known to be in existence today! United Country Aasness Auctioneers Anita Aasness Office: 218-998-4454 Cell: 218-205-0541 aasness1@prtel.com Here is the link: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2547292
  8. odat, To insert a picture hover the mouse over the square box right above that says insert image, the box where you type the message, click on the box,click on basic up loader select from computer and browse. find the picture click on it once and then click on open. The picture will start downloading and when done will show up in the box. At least that's how I do it. This is our 1907 Model G Anybody have any Solar headlights like this they don't need anymore??
  9. I have one like that with a hole in the side also. There was a vendor at Chickasaw that sells ignition parts but his name escapes me, some one might know. All I can remember is that when you do find one it will be either cheap cause they have no clue what it fits or very expensive because they know what its for. I got a cheap one .
  10. RansomEli, Jeff Hasslen has the wheel cylinders and hoses in stock and can get the master cylinder sleeved in stainless if you like. He gave me permission to post his email and home phone, call him in the evening. jhasslen@gmail.com 763-441-7895
  11. Thanks Guys, This will get me headed in the right direction. It appears some one in the past replaced the drain cock with an adjustable needle valve to adjust the nozzle size.
  12. These are on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/1918-1920-1922-1924-1926-1927-1929-Franklin-6-nos-front-axle-grease-cup-gaskets-/271850857104?hash=item3f4b92e290&vxp=mtr
  13. 1933 Olympic 18A 6500 miles since 2009 Gets the job done!
  14. Looking for information on setting up a Stromberg glass bowl B #3. can't seem to find anything in any of my books. Anybody have any literature on this carburetor?
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