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WTB 1930 Dodge DC8 taillight

Guest MLew

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Sometimes you're better off just piecing it together. If you find one in complete good condition it will be rare.

What is the name stamped on the metal housing assembly and what is the diameter ? Someone may have one but without measurements and more information it may decrease your chances of a response.

I believe it's "Delite" or "Filite" more than likely a 3 1/4 - 3 1/2" measurement for center on center on the glass mounting screws. Am I close ?

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I don't have one on the car now, I'm looking for one.

There is currently a 3 1/2 housing on the car with a model A Ford lens and bezel. No name is stamped on it.

Any parts I can find would be great, I'll get what I can. I'm trying to get the correct light. The Ford light irritates me mounted on a Dodge.

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Guest mikeburch

MLew ....................................

I was, finally, able to locate, photograph and show you just what I have, that might be part of your tail-light.

The chrome tail-light bucket is broken and a little rough. It is marked, "FILITE". It is "barn fresh" and still has it'a original paint and, more importantly, STILL has the under-fender bracket, which protects the wiring. The license plate bracket is also marked, "FILITE".

The second bracket is just like the first, but the bucket is painted and says, " TWOWAY". It looks like it would fit, though. The rim is brass, chrome plated and might be what you need. It does have 4-5 cracks in it, though. I think that I have seen the mopar lens reproductions, advertised.

I will sell, to you, both sets for $50.00 plus $13.00 First Class Priority Mail Postage. Tracking and Insurance, included.

Thank you,








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I carry replacement reproduction glass. lenses, some say DODGE.. others plain.

These lights came in three sizes, one is aftermarket NORS, but for all intents looks like originals.

The DC 8 may take the larger size Filitle unit... but the small on works...

The 1930 DC8 & DD6 and the 1931 DG8 and DH6 all carry the same lamp/lens combination.

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