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  1. Sorry, I dont have the coupe lens.... very rare to find. I have only the center tail version on sedans.
  2. We are just packing up to head to Carlisle PA and Hershey I cant do it today.... I can get all the info for you when I return.
  3. I have an original Touring top frame, complete Marked "Johnson" Pat'd (with remains of old canvas) The original oval window is still attached. open, it is 95" front to back, 58 1/2 inches wide, and slightly wider in the front. Contact me if you are interested. see images below Thanks.
  4. I have a complete unit, if you are still in need let me know.
  5. I have quite a few wheels, contact me directly.
  6. Hello Kent, i do have these lenses NOS...without center marble jewel, also have some with center. check out our site Contact info online.
  7. The old car guys loved these lenses. They were offered as an alternate back in the day, as were hundreds of other patterns and types. Finally as more and more cars where on the roads, the govt got involved and only approved only some of them. I keep everything, and have tons of these old lenses, most are quite beautiful. I have these MacBeths in many sizes and as usual the smaller ones and the larger ones are the most rare.
  8. Hi there, Just give me the size and I will see if I have them. Make sure the existing lens fits in ok.. Sorry to hear of the break... if they were installed in the housings when shipped is the reason they broke, lenses need to be removed from the housings, in order to survive the trip. Plus they are not the correct ones for those housings anyway. Fit is critical and lenses made for specific autos.
  9. I do have the lenses for this car, but I dont think anyone ever contacted me. Looking at my lists is not the way to go, as I only have about 25% of what I have available online... best is to email or call. I hope you have found a pair, but if not let me know.
  10. I have one 4" clear lens like the one you show above... if interested see our site look for my email and send a request. Or reply here.
  11. 1928-29 Durant Rugby 1 ton truck frame, complete Cowl forward body, running gear HD wheels 4 speed, 2 speed rear, includes cowl Hood, dash radiator shell, headlights. Original engine Create your own truck. Nice project with a rare model. Located in New England... $1950
  12. An old survivor, would make a nice pickup or doodle bug Body frame running gear/ w full sheet metal Good for resto or rod. $1995 located in New England. Inquiries welcomed.
  13. We were happy to supply the NOS lenses for the 2 Franklins!! Great people to deal with, enjoy those great old cars!
  14. Most likely for Ditch lights from way back..protrusion was to make way for the bulb.