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Possibly Kelsey wheels.

Dave Mellor NJ

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From what I can find the Kelsey-Hayes 19 in. wheel were for the '30-'31 cars only. There were two different types of 21" wheels, the "AR" wheel that were only used until about August of 1928 and the "BR" wheels used for the rest of '28-'29 production: from the photos and info that I have all '28-'29 wheels had the tubular rims. The late Model "T" wheels were similar but I'm not familiar with what they looked like. To me the raised ring on the hub looks a little different and the spoke welds on the rim look heavier than they should be. I wonder if there was ever a manufacturer that made after market wheels for the Model "A". I wish I had a definitive answer for you. It might be possible that these wheels were made outside the country and somehow found their way to America.

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Guest Bob Call


What is the wording on the sidewalls of the tires? Hard to see in third picture but looks like part of a Portuguese word (...ORCADO). Look at what appears to be a "C" for the accent (?) mark on the bottom of the C. Could they be tires and wheels from Brazil?

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