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Big Red Turbine Truck 1964--Can you help?

Steve Moskowitz

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Hi Steve,<o:p></o>


I am casting for new episodes of the t.v. series "Extreme RVs" on Travel Channel and am trying to track down a story members of your organization may be familiar with. <o:p></o>


The vehicle I'm trying to locate is Ford's "Big Red" gas turbine powered truck from 1964. Everything I've ready says that Holdman-Moody owned it last but that no one is certain of its whereabouts today.<o:p></o>


I know your organization has an incredible amount of resources so I wondered if you might be able to direct me to someone who has researched Big Red or who may have some info on it.<o:p></o>


Thank you in advance for any help!!<o:p></o>


Stephanie T. Capps <o:p></o>


BCII & Extreme RVs<o:p></o>


M: 310-560-7529<o:p></o>

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We were researching that vehicle in December. AACA Hornets Nest Region member and local editor Jerry Clemmons talked directly with Lee Holman. Lee siad tht after Ford was finished testing, it was being towed back to Detroit. Its tow rig broke down, so Holman Moody towed it back to Charlotte as a favor to Ford. Henry Ford II told HM to keep everthing since the Ford contract was over. HM retained the cab for some time, but the trailers were sold to the "Miss Bardahl" racing team to haul boats. More recently a 1957 Thunderbird collector in North Carolina bought the cab. The turbine powerplant was an on-off deal, and parts were unavailable. The new owner installed an industrial turbine, bu it made the truck too heavy, and he couldn't get it tagged.

Slick Owens, who worked at Holman Moody for 15 years, said the "cab had bath, sink and all kinds of stuff ... had maps of U.S. that could move like a movie, cab was as high as trailer and inside was smooth like a room."



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