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I have about a 1915 metz that the magneto went bad on. does anyone rework these parts? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Talk to Mark at Mark's Magneto Service. He's been very good to members of our group.

[h=1]Marks Magneto Service[/h]

Business Description:

Magneto repair, parts, sales high and low tensions coil winding services.


(860) 537-0376


321 McDonald Rd.



State / Province:



United States

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Guest cben09

Mainly Magnetos in northern Maine has been fixing

Mags for 2 generations,,Balenger is the name,,

I think they have a website,,and just do mags,,

The metz used an odd Bosch mag,,W/no distrubtor!

Fires 2 plugs at once,,1-4 together then 2-3 together

So it fires on top of power stroke and top of exhaust

stroke,,,like some Harleys and a few old Hondas,,,

Hope this helps,,Cheers Ben

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