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  1. Wanted: left rear door upper hinge for 1925 Dodge Touring car. Pictured right side door hinge.
  2. MAG473

    Metz chain guards

    I have traced a pattern of a chain guard onto brown paper. Will mail to anyone who requests them. I will also send photos of an original to show hardware needed to install. Wayne
  3. Thanks for the responses. Any sources for Lacquer paint these days?
  4. I have a 1925 Dodge touring that was painted 30+ years ago with black laquer. Many areas are cracked, even chipping off. Can the paint be sanded primed and repainted with either single stage or base coat clear coat.
  5. MAG473

    Metz chain guards

    These chain guards are a work in progress. Fortunately I had one original to use as a pattern. I will have to make mounting brackets and the flexible strip for lubrication. I had a local shop make the guards using the same process as the original. The seams are made by crimping the edges together.
  6. Still for sale. Make offer.
  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  8. Help identify this turtle deck lid. Measures 20 3/4" square. Has 2 holes for locks on one end. Small amount of blue paint still showing. Thanks in advance.
  9. MAG473

    Metz chain guards

    It seems that most of our Metz cars are missing the chain guards. How much interest in having new guards made? I'm in southeastern Minnesota.
  10. Any ideas what this is . Similar to air cleaner but all enclosed with copper tubing around it.
  11. There is a later model Metz Depot hack on Nixon auctions the end of this month. Advertised as a model 22, It has the later style radiator, cowl and a starter. Looks like a creative project that someone put together.
  12. This is a model 22 with dual chain rear drive. I have a fairly complete guard to use as a pattern. I'll get some photos tomorrow.
  13. Attempting to reproduce a Metz chainguard. The narrow top (2.5") and side panels are attached by a process of folding, crimping and bending. How was this accomplished and was a special tool used to do this.? I've talked to metal fabricators and they have never seen this method used before.
  14. I have a Metz model 22 chain guard that I am attempting to copy. Is anyone familiar with the method used to attach the top and sides together? It appears to be a fold and crimp, but with the narrow top I wonder how it was accomplished. Any ideas or information is appreciated. Wayne in Minnesota
  15. Carbide generator parts listed on ebay. Listed under seller: mag473 6 items. Can only post 2 photos here
  16. Jerry. My cell phone number is 507 269 6696. Wayne
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