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I've got some room in my January issue of the "Tin N Brass" (Ontelaunee Region Newsletter) and I thought I'd do a feature on the Junior membership possibilities. In doing that, I'd like to show a picture of a cover or page of that newsletter. I tried to pull one of our website, but It seems you must be a junior member to do so. Does anyone have a picture of a front page of the junior newsletter that I can use before I give up on the idea?? Thanks in advance.

Dave Anspach

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And is that picture of a "black hawk" actually a golden eagle?

Is that "jaguar" actually a leopard?

Zoologists, correct me if I'm wrong!

We can certainly be grateful for the contributors'

dedication to the club and to youth.

Editors need to be accurate, and

especially so if we're educating the next generation.

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