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1942 Lincoln Zephyr brake question

Barry Wolk

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As to not embarrass me a member here sent me a PM that said I installed the brake shoes on the Zephyr backwards. According to diagrams that I have the larger shoe goes in front and the smaller in the rear.

This is the way I got it. It appears to have two primary shoes.


The Raybestos manual show the large shoe in front and shorter shoe in the rear.

The Ford manual shows the same thing. It states that "The forward shoe exerts the most force when braking when moving forward. The rear shoe is more effective when moving backwards."


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I'm with you Barry having recently done the same thing myself, however, when you google the question up and remembering that you have Bendix brakes on your car you can come up with a dozen (or more) different opinions. Fords up until 1949 did not use self energizing brakes but the Lincolns use a different system so maybe your correspondent is right. I dont Know.

The only thing I suppose is see what a Lincoln specific workshop manual would say. I have included below the web site of a company that makes and sells Lincoln brake systems for installation on early Fords to increase their braking power and when you check their Tech instructions they say to fit the small shoe to the front. Maybe worth a phone call to them?


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