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Similar cars to Jaguar Mark 2

Guest nb123

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Hey guys, kind of a general question - I'm looking to buy a jaguar mark 2 cos I really like it's look, but I wanna explore other classic cars with similar looks as well before making a decision (I like the round headlights and the curved frame type look). Could you recommend any to me? Besides the other mark series cars of course :-), thanks!

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You could look at an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire, Rover 3 litre, Daimler, Humber Snipe or Imperial. Even a Wolseley, Austin or Lagonda.

If you wanted to look across the channel there were Mercedes, BMW and Volvo six cylinder cars. The Opel Commodore V8 is an intriguing alternative if you fancy a German luxury sedan with an American engine.

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1950s-era MG Magnette is probably the closest design to the Mark 2 that I can think of. It's a lot smaller and slower, but really not all that much different otherwise.


In addition to the Rover 3 Liter, all of the previous "Auntie" Rovers (60. 90, 75) from 1948-1963 fit the bill.


Two French cars that may be appropriate are the Peugeot 403 and the Panhard Dyna


The Auto Union DKW 1000 of the late 1950s may appeal to you as well.



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Nothing else quite like a Mk 2 Jag. When they were new their advertising slogan was Grace, Space and Pace and that pretty well covers it all.

The others may look pretty good but none of them can get anywhere near the performance of the 3.4's or the 3.8

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Guest bkazmer

not a lot of direct offsets. Big price difference between a 3.4 AT and a 3.8 4 spd.

doesn't drive the same, but does the look of a 41 - 47 Packard Clipper appeal? - some similarities

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