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St. Thomas Girls - 1990 Reatta - More Help


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Hi, to my Reatta on-line help mates! There must be a little mean "minion" playing around with my St. Thomas based Reatta when I'm not looking! I'm still trying to resolve the trunk release issue. I've now got a cute piece of yarn tied to the emergency trunk release handle so that on those random days when it doesn't work, I can just reach through the hatch and pull the yarn. According to my 1 on-island mechanic, the trunk release motor needs to be replaced, but based on various forum members' advise it's the solenoid. Regardless of which it is...neither is available on island. I'm on the mainland for a month or so, could someone tell me where I can get the solenoid and/or the motor to take back with me. [Please include part #]

Separately, the AC fan in the engine seems to be stuck on one speed. [Causes the engine to run a bit hot]. The mechanic says it should be running at variable speeds and that I need an AC fan relay. Any suggestions on who might have this part or whether the entire fan motor will have to be replaced.

As usual...big thanks for your help.

P. S. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to find the horn pad replacement--even though it is a different model from the original and the entry door light and the cigarette lighter!:D

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Guest ensign83

When flying out of St Thomas to Croix in 1980 on a twin engine seaplane, that 'minion' set one engine on fire on takeoff! We made it back... but we took the ferry to St John...

Yarn, FTW! At least yr trunk access door OPENS! My trunk keyhole does not work either...

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OK are you talking about the pair of fans that cool the radiator or the HVAC blower fan on the firewall. The latter is most likely to be variable speed and the module is a common failure but won't make the engine run any hotter than normal.

The engine fans will and are controlled by relays on the driver's fenderwell but only turn on if the ac is on or the engine is TDH (over 207F).

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It's my understanding from the mechanic that it is the HVAC blower fan that should be running at variable speed. He said it was the AC Fan relay. After a quick look, he didn't say anything about the engine fan. Since, I am on the mainland, I'm trying to get everything I need in terms of parts to resolve the problem. Can you help on this? What about the trunk release motor/solenoid?

Thanks much!

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