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What color should my 1952 Ford F1 be

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What color should my 1952 F1 be

The serial # is F1R2EG14884 the color code on the glove box is N, and a stamp on the cab firewall is 77EGF1N200680P. I found that N stands for Vermillion (red) , but in taking the pickup apart, and stripping the paint there was no sign of red just green, even under the windshield rubber. My question is if I want to show this pickup , what color should it be, and if red is the answer how do you explain green.

There seems to be some confusion on Ford truck paint codes. Some sources say that a paint code of "N" is Meadow Green. See link. Other sources say that it is
Vermillion (red). This is based on information in the shop manual. Since your truck was painted
Meadow Green, it is possible that the shop manual has an error in it. How to resolve this for judging I don't know. Maybe somebody with judging experience can tell you how to resolve it.

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For AACA Judging, it just has to be an authentic color which the truck could have come from the factory in originally. AACA does not check data plates to make sure that a vehicle is "numbers matching". You may choose any original 1952 Ford F1 factory color that you wish and there will be no problem with AACA Judging regarding the color.

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The subject of meadow green is very confusing from what I’ve found. I also have a 52 f1 original green color , code N. I have heard of many trucks in this year with N stamped and no traces of red. My truck is in the body shop now getting taken apart and there is no traces of red. Even inside the doors are slightly green overspray. 

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