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  1. Thanks 55er Everyone and Zeke I enjoyed hearing the explanation and Im happy that a small part of a great car is in this truck! 😂
  2. Hi Zeke, Thanks for all the info. Its really very interesting! I don't know anything about Hudson's and Im pretty new to Antique vehicles, my Ford truck is my first one and Ive already learned a lot about them. Why did they call the Hudson's Step Down models? Was it popular to use the shifter knobs from Hudson's ? Or its just something that happens to be on my truck cause someone thought it looked cool. John
  3. This is From the repros Site...
  4. No, thank you for all the help! I never would’ve known it’s a Hudson. I just knew it wasn’t the correct type for the ford truck.
  5. Apparently they’re called ship and castle knobs. A lot of details in these things huh!
  6. http://partsbyemc.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=170 wow someone still makes these new in custom colors too!
  7. Wow!! Thanks!! I just found this Pic from eBay when you guys kept saying Hudson. Now I have to go find out about them. I know my mom had one. what are the symbols on the sides? I have that too. Thanks!
  8. Mine is kind of tear drop shaped - it’s not round. The stock knob is a plain round black knob. I think this one looks good on the truck somehow but was curious about where it’s from, thanks for the replies so far!
  9. I don’t know why but it looks like it was out of an old Plymouth or Dodge? It’s a four pointed star burst design. Maybe it’s from a Ford main line?
  10. You mean somebody had this made up custom One - off back in day? They had that then? Or you mean it was a aftermarket thing Made in multiples that fit universally on a lot of cars? Thanks!
  11. This came with my 52 ford f1 on my column shifter. Would anyone be able to tell me what vehicle it’s out if what’s the year make and model if you know please? I like it probably will keep it on it’s different even though I prefer stock items on my truck. Sorry for the photos they always upload wring side up!
  12. That’s correct Tom and thanks for that info! I’ve since done further research and purchased period color charts and confirmed that the color on my truck is indeed meadow green. Not meadowbrook although they are close. This is a deceiving color as it changes quite a bit in different light. As all colors do I suppose. To make matters worse the ‘N’ color code stamped on the VIN plate is supposed to indicate vermillion the red color but mine like a lot of these trucks seems to be mistakenly marked incorrectly. Instead of the M for meadow green. Currently my truck is taken apart and bears no evidence of any red color anywhere. Thanks for reading.
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