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1912 Bearcat up for auction


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RM will be selling a Bearcat at auction.

It is (or was in 2011) owned by a club member and was displayed at the 2011 cub event at Indy.

It's a great car with an interesting history.

If it sells in the expected range, I believe it will be the most valuable Bearcat sold since the ex-Tony Koveleski Bearcat sold a few years back.


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Wow, nice looking car, can understand the million bucks estimate.

Interesting to compare the looks of a Bearcat to a Mercer of the same vintage. The Bearcat is much more "husky" looking, and while attractive, doesn't have the same fluid, lighter, lines of the Mercer.

Wouldn't kick either one out of my garage, of course....

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Despite the well-written history by the auction company, buyers must have had some questions or reservations about the car for it to sell $100,000 below low estimate.

Personally, I'd worry anytime it's stated that the car was raced (and wrecked?) in period.

Still, it seems a good buy at that price.

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