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  1. JohnBoyle

    book value

    For what it's worth, my copy has pretty good photos considering they are original factory photos and not shots of current cars.
  2. Yes, it is. It appeared in a host of films while with PAR. It was Red & black, changed to off white for The Great White Hope in 1970. The next year it appeared in the TV movie Powderkeg, the pilot film for the Bearcats! TV series. That was its last screen role that I know of. A late friend bought it from PAR and it's still in his family's collection. I wrote a story on the car for the Stutz News, the magazine of the Stutz Club.
  3. If the owner (new or old) doesn't want to rebody it, a well-designed two-tone paint job could hide some of the length.
  4. I can't help you with a designer, but The Splendid Stutz indicates it was shown to Stutz dealers in late 28 and introduced in early '29...so early 1928? You could also contact the co-author of that chapter, John Grunder, I'm told he is THE Blackhawk expert.
  5. There are two unknown to the club Stutzes in the Spokane area. I wouldn't be too surprised if the total population is close to double what club membership is. Remember there are some in museums and with non-club owners.
  6. Stutz Club member Richard Mitchell will show Dennis Gage some of his Stutz' on My Classic Car. Saturday, 830 AM on the Velocity cable network. You can also watch episodes here... http://www.myclassiccar.com/
  7. That's true of many vintage cars. But...in some cases (like vintage Bentleys and Rolls Royces and race cars) a re-body doesn't always affect the price. If I was in the market for a open Stutz, I'd certainly consider a rebodied car. If the body was made accurately and with care, I'm not sure if it's important if you're buying it to drive and not as an investment. But I'd take that it has a newer body into account when making an offer on the car. But I wouldn't run away or dismiss it out of hand. To be honest, a quality new body built by a good shop in the last 30 years is probably preferable to a original body last restored in the 50s when prices were low and the care of the rebuild often reflected that. I'd wager there are plenty of chicken-wire and newspaper/bondo specials out there.
  8. Here's a 27 for sale at what looks to be a good price: http://hymanltd.com/vehicles/5399-1927-stutz-vertical-eight-speedster/
  9. If you're looking for one with the block lettering 1970s "Stutz" logo, ebay would be your best bet. The collector car accessory firms would only have them in the original Stutz designs.
  10. The engine is a 223 ci Ford straight six. The transmission is a Ford 4-speed with a low first gear, based on the trans, I'd guess the pair came from an early 60s Ford truck. Custom chassis, a cut down Ford axle and a early Mustang rear. Four-wheel drums. The engine has a rebuild tag on it from a L.A. shop, so Barris bought it used. All the bodywork is heavy-gauge steel. It weighs 2900 pounds...which is 1000lbs. less than a real Bearcat but it has more than twice the horsepower.
  11. Yes, one other. It is owned, unrestored and in non-original colors, by a Stutz Club member in Michigan.
  12. A local TV station did a feature on my car as part of their Saturday morning show. Thought you might enjoy seeing it. http://www.khq.com/clip/10727022/motorin-with-matt-1914-stutz-bearcat<o:p></o:p>
  13. JohnBoyle

    Stutz lense

    If it was reproduced by the late Paul Freehill, club member Brian White may have the molds now.
  14. A friend has a 1933 Stutz sales brochure for sale. It's in good/very good condition. It's B&W only and features some of the factory photos seen in Splendid Stutz, but they're much larger and clearer. He wants $150 for it. If you're interested, PM me and I'll provide a phone number. John UPDATE: Sold....
  15. Bump Due to some luck and last minute arrangements, I'll be there. Some room s are still available...while the host hotels seem to be fairly full, but there are others in available...west of downtown. Anyone else who frequents here going?
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