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  1. So is that a difference between the REO and Olds? This 1915 REO roadster seems similar...
  2. The sharp drop of the front springs and the shallow axle dip seems to suggest REO/Olds.... Headlight buckets suggest 1915 or slightly newer...
  3. Hmmm.... do you think that axle dips enough for an Overland?
  4. My best guess would be circa 1915 Olds?
  5. Another pic off the net that I can't identify... anyone?
  6. Be careful with the thicker silicone based concoctions... not so much with primitive transmissions, but more-so with motors. Chunks of silicone can be squeezed inside and roam around causing problems. I'm surprised the teflon/dope solution didn't work for you. Have you tried cleaning up the threads? Also inspect around the hole closely. If someone has been wrapping too much material in there, if may be causing cracking around the drain hole. Normally for nasty ones I use one coat of dope... a couple wraps of teflon... then apply more dope and "usually" that fixes it. If you can get access to some small taps/dies for NPT maybe try lightly cleaning the threads. With newer automotive oil pan drain plugs, you can also get oversized plugs but I doubt you would get one in that style of plug/thread. Might be worth checking out if the problem persists, but again, be careful because going too big can split a casting or pan.
  7. Apparently the car has been yard art since 1975 and now has a new owner that is hoping to put it back on the road in some shape or form. Probably not scoring any brownies with the purists, but at least it wasn't crushed. And by the way, the guys you helped out say "Thank-you"... as do I.
  8. Bad pic... but this one is said to be a 27 Super six ... looks to fit all the criteria...
  9. Hmmm.... differences in models or years?
  10. There we go... the 1926 Essex 6 sedan has the cowl vent...
  11. The only thing I can't see on yours is the cowl vent. Yes, more pictures and better pictures would be nice, but that is all that I was given.
  12. So no kickup at the leading edge of the door? I was thinking 30/31...
  13. Obviously... but from what??
  14. The boys have stumped me again. The cowl vent reminds me of a Model T, but the back of the car looks rounded like a late 20's with fairly high windows. Single bead and rear window shape rules out a lot of popular makes as well. Maybe it's an early cowl and a later rear half?
  15. Not a tall enough back for anything like an Ice Cream truck or quick delivery in my opinion. I think they would have used a more traditional bucket like a school bus. Maybe a swather? I'm still leaning towards some kind of buddy seat for an industrial application.