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  1. whtbaron

    30's pickup

    LOL... the poor fitment was what was making me think Russian. Homemade? Maybe... there does seem to be a weld or seam above the windshield. Could be factory... maybe not...
  2. whtbaron

    30's pickup

    Must be fairly rare... not finding a lot of pics on the net... not even included in a story on Mercedes pickups. https://www.motor1.com/news/173735/mercedes-pickup-trucks-history/
  3. whtbaron

    30's pickup

    Just a stray off the net... not sure where the pic originated, it sort of looks like an Aussie Ute, but doesn't appear to be right hand drive. Maybe it's floated through here before... European? Russian?
  4. Guess I need to look for a few more parts...
  5. Yep... you win.... 1930 looks like the one...
  6. You're right... somebody cut the round holes up to the small holes where the cable controls came through... what's missing is that bead around the outside of the gauges (or is that an insert?) .... Maybe a plain jane model?
  7. Just looking at the pics, the holes in mine seem widely spaced for this insert...
  8. 31 Chev would explain all the wood... not sure I'm seeing the similarity in the dashes... I'll try to get a better shot of the "tear drops."
  9. This one might be a bit of a challenge... unfortunately I only got one side so it's wall art now. It appears to have been a landau coupe (doors had window frames) that used a lot of wood. There are tack holes all around the edges of the panel. From what I saw of the trunk lid, there was no metal under the sheet metal for framing. The windshield is obviously Model T, but maybe the dash will help someone out, it seems to have an unusual arrangement.
  10. I'm not sure... it came up on another site and someone asked if I could ID it... it's not a picture I took personally.
  11. Hmmm.... never mind.... 34 Dodge Brothers.... lol.... seen it on the hood when I blew it up to attach here.... who needs reading glasses?
  12. Can anyone ID these two four-doors in the center of this pic?
  13. I'm looking at the character lines in the front fenders... any chance that could be circa 1919 Dodge Brothers? Also the splash aprons... the REO seem move convex....these are more concave like the Dodge...