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2013 Fall Rummage Box

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Hello everyone, attached you will find the Fall Rummage Box. This issue has been increased in size for some good reasons. We have a message from our President, followup information on the Ethanol Situation, a great Headquarters Staff report, plus other important information that you need to share with your AACA region or chapter.

Please feel free to use, or even edit, as you see fit. Please remember to credit your sources as always.




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Here's a suggestion. In years past, The Rummage Box

included articles about cars. That may have been 10 years

ago, before my involvement in newsletters. I believe

some were reprinted from the Hornets' Nest Region's excellent

Master Editor Award-winning newsletter.

In recent years, The Rummage Box contents have been almost

all personal editorial-type musings from AACA national officers. Those

certainly have an important role to play, and are useful in keeping us

abreast of national AACA ideas; but more diversity would be

welcome in The Rummage Box articles.

News articles and feature articles would be welcome additions

to the editorials and I'm sure would be appreciated by many regions.

Any editors willing to contribute?

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John, I can appreciate that, and there have been some regional additions to the Rummage Box. Of course the main purpose of the Rummage Box is to forward pertinent information from AACA National that regions and chapters need to be aware of, and that their members need to help them be informed of the operations of AACA. You will see a couple local articles in the next edition though....working on it now.



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