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OT - worst chase movie ever


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Well not counting Stroker Ace or Vanishing Point (the 1997 repop with Viggo). Just sat through Getaway and the only resemblence to the landmark film with Steve MQueen and Ali Macgraw that there is a man and a woman (no resenblence to that great movie either other than both had Mustangs) is that the bad guy does get away with it.

The cas has Super Snake badging but since it cannot outrun city police cars or a Mecedes GL it must have a four. Many shots of shifts from one random gear at the top|bottom to another at the bottom|top of the pattern but ok since the soundtrack is not aligned with anything anyway. (Shelbys really have no reverse lock out ?)

Side mirrors that rip off then heal. Bullet holes that appear without gunfire. Movie is one long shower of sparks but no dents appear until over 3/4 of the way through (no Elanor this).

I spotted cliches from at least a dozen other chase movies (see the bit from Hooper ?, Blazing Saddles ?) and a long hicam sequence of the back of a Mercedes SUV near the end (pay no attention to the cross traffic or the suspension).

All I can say is that it is so bad it is funny and the magic Selma does with just an iPad (must be rooted) reminded me of Jeff Goldbloom in Independance Day. For the video game crowd this may all make sense but not for anyone who has ever driven a car At Speed.

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Guest Corvanti

how dare you mention "Blazing Saddles"? :( the whole movie was a "cliche" on purpose! i'd give you a "laurel and hardy" welcome, but i'm only a "pawn in the game of life"..........

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This is typical of all current Hollywood action movie offerings. Complete lack of quality, technical accuracy and in many cases even a cogent plot line. Most of these are little more than vehicles for some CGI firm to peddle their garbage to an audience with too little attention span to notice the myriad screwups in both continuity and technical correctness.

For that matter, the completely unbelievable technology (ala Jeff Goldblum's magic in Independence Day) is laughable in this time when virtually everyone is technically savvy and knows the stuff shown is complete fiction. This is not the early 80's when most did not posses a true grasp of computer technology and such garbage could be passed off as possible without question.

I should point out that I have not set foot inside a movie theatre since 1989. I went for See No Evil Hear No Evil (Pryor and Wilder's last joint effort) and have maintained a soft boycott since then.

I do buy an occasional DVD for home viewing but even that is a rare occurrence. I have better ways to spend my money and time than to waste it on drivel. I see most of this mediocrity in bits and pieces on TV.

/rant off


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I spent a year in which all I really had to do was watch DVDs. Also I collect car movies (earliest is "Speedy" but Grand Prix is still the definitive one) but this will have to hit the $3 bin at Big Lots when I have a "20% off everything" coupon before I would think about it. Even Redline has more redeeming qualities ( though I like Redline 7000 much better even with a front Florida plate on a Cobra Daytona).

Am told there was no CGI in this turkey other than the satellie shots even though there was a lot of hycam.

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