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Ault Park Concours


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Just returned from the Ault Park Concours. Other than a 10 hour drive in rain both ways it was a really good time. The venue is a beautifully landscaped and flowered park with lots of shade. There were about 200 cars of all makes and years, most of them top shelf examples. It seems to be a mostly localized event because quite a few folks commented on the fact I came all the way from PA and most of the cars bore Ohio plates. There must be a HUGE repository of high end iron in Ohio. The only funky thing about the show was the trailer parking situation. It was very limited in space and time allowed. That said, the folks running the show, the exhibitors, and the population in general were the friendliest I've ever encountered. When I showed up Thursday afternoon and found there was no trailer parking allowed I called the # on the show brochure for assistance. Within 5 minutes I got a call back from the owner of a nearby restoration shop, Zakira's Garage, with an offer of secure trailer parking until I got things sorted out. The next morning we were given a tour of the shop, the most complete and fascinating shop I've seen.

All in all it was one of nicest shows yet. Thank you Cincinnati..................Bob

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I heard there was an accident on the show field. One of the cars had a throttle problem and ran into another. Any news???

Yeah I heard the KA-BLOOIE and saw the damage. Never heard of the offending marque. Looked late, supposedly a one off sports coupe owned by some Mid-East PooBaa. Didn't see what he hit but damage to the hitter was relatively minor to the left front corner/bumper. Still kind of sickening.....Bob

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Have never been to this show although I understand it is a very nice one. A little surprised about the trailer parking situation as that is usually the number one issue with every show like this.

Once you know the rules of engagement vis-a-vis trailer parking you can plan for your needs. The entrant info pack was ambiguous at best. A simple statement that trailer parking would be provided from Saturday noon until 1700 on Sunday and no trailers were allowed in the park before or after that time, and that trailer parking was up to the entrant at all other times would have helped. Like I said, once you know the ground rules you can plan a work around.

All that said, the show was one of my all time favorites and I hope to get invited next year...................Bob

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