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pyramid-pattern aluminum plate

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Restoration Supply Company Restoration supply comapany in California sells some pyramid alluminum. Here is the description.

Pyramid Aluminum

We offer the correct pyramid aluminum used on many Pierce-Arrows and

other vehicles, fire trucks, and vintage aircraft. The aluminum is .025 thick,

rall thickness of a stamped sheet is .065, base of the pyramid is .135, and

there are 7 pyramids per inch. The sheets are shipped coiled, and because

they are stamped from half-hard aluminum, they will uncoil and lay flat

without any additional work. Available in 16"x 80" sheets only.

ALU001 $350/sheet

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Guest vertical8walter


it is very simple to make your own pattern to make alluminium castings like original.i do it with pyramid rubber and thinn wooden plates.if you want to know how to doo this contact me: walter@ialvis.de .i will then try to tell you how in my "best" english.it is simple , cheap and there is no difference to the way they did it in the early times of car building.i eaven cast fire walls (bulkheads) in this way.build a pattern , find a casting shop (foundery) and you have what you want.sorry about my english.

regardes from germany


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