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  1. At 86,000 miles: rebuilt motor, rebuilt alternator, new radiator, new springs, new front end, new top, new Legendary front buckets with new back panels, new carpet, new windshield washer reservoir, new electric antenna, updated sound system, new Edelbrock OE-style carburetor. This was my tour car and I put 25,000 highway miles on the car since the upgrades. Cruise control works. Problems: some rust, to wit the pan under the accelerator pedal and some on the pan on the passenger rear floor and a little in the trunk floor, and a little over the wheel well on the right r
  2. what's your email. I'll send you more pictures.
  3. Leo, I'm on the road right now but when I get back I'll look for those step plates. I know the bumper (front) is there.
  4. Skelton, Zeder and Breer were the engineer brains on the Chrysler sixes.
  5. The car is a 1928 Chrysler Deluxe Sport Roadster. The car is in my care and Hattie's Garage (Rob Burchill) in Maryland did the pretty work. Hart Machine of Cecil, Ohio did the engine. The car was my dad's high school car in 1930. The fire wall should be body color but it's my tour car and it had been painted over black at some point and I kept it that way. And I agree that it's a most enjoyable restoration. I like the car most with the hood open.
  6. '72' and Imperial avocado. '52' and '62' black.
  7. The drivers seat was hinged in the back and 'floated' up and down on springs. The passenger seat was hard to the deck. Speaking of my '72' Deluxe Sport Roadster.
  8. Avocado with the Red Head. Matched it to original parts.
  9. What was wrong with that CG Chrysler Imperial for it to go for $55K?
  10. Anyone from the subject area driving to Hershey and has space to carry a side-shift, early transmission?
  11. In the 'head on' picture, there's an engine on the right side of the frame. What is it, if I may ask?
  12. Walt Federline sold out his stock and is wondering if there is an interest in making more. One of the guys made all new linkages for his 1910 REO and he told me it was a piece of cake making all the cotter pin holes.
  13. I have a radiator a friend in Portland, OR, wants. Anybody driving west with some room... I'm in Maryland. Mike Zerega
  14. Friend of mine ran up this neat little item that is perfect for center drilling round shafts in sizes from 3/16" to 1/2". There is a 'V' notch for larger round stock. This jig allows you to drill a pilot hole quickly. If you've ever changed out the brake rods on a mechanical brake system you know how many cotter pins have to be drilled. BRASS CAR guys should definitely have one. I've also found it very useful for throttle linkage and just anything that requires a cotter pin. It also came in handy when I had to make odd-ball clevis pins. The dimensions are 1" x. 3". It is h
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