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My Fair Lady:Would you drive a 1961 Datsun FairLady?

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That's pretty sporty looking. I don't think I've ever seen a real one--I'm a lot more familiar with the more boxy-looking ones that I gues came later:


EDIT: If that image doesn't show, the car appears to be #17 on this page: http://fabwheelsdigest.blogspot.com/2012/05/japanese-vintage-car-magazine-nostalgic.html

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If I'd fit!.....

Ha! Good point, trimacar! I would definitely have the same concerns!

I once drove a first-generation Miata around the block that belonged to a friend of the family. While driving, I was looking *over* the top of the windshield frame!

Think perhaps they used slightly small-stature models for that brochure photo?!

I still find the styling to be quite nice. Reminds me a tiny bit of an MGA in that brochure shot (another beautiful car that I am sure I can only *dream about* fitting into).

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