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1989 RIviera Front brake pad retainer clips???


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.. Hey all... I need some advise.....I just returned from the dealer since my front right side tire has a terrible squeal....Although I have 80% pads left they said my clips are bent and rubbing against my rotors and I need to replace the clips and might as well replace the pads since the clips need to be replaced.... I figured that was OK ... then I received a call that the clips are discontinued from GM for my 1989 Riviera and the only way they could optain replacement clips was if they purchased a set of aftermarket calipers to obtain the clips set and use those clips on my existing calipers for the new pads....... does this sound right??... that makes me end up purchasing two new clipers just for the clips ( about $120.00 for the two... they said that they would cover the core fee since that is the only way they can optain the clips for the brakes..?)

sounds fishy to me???

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Harry: That is what I thought but the service manager said that the new pads have clips attached but in 89 they were seperate....I remember a few years ago I also had brakes replaced on the Reatta and remember that the clips were hard for the garage to locate then too....

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Well I can't confirm or deny that the part in the Reatta Store is the correct part. I'm not disputing what Harry says. I have not personally used them. I do know that they are listed and sold all over the Internet, (Amazon, eBay, Autoparts Warehouse and more) for the Buick Reatta.

I just looked at last years records for the Reatta Store and can see that 4 sets of the brake kits for the front were sold and 10 brake kits for the rear were sold. None were returned and there have been no complaints to me that they're were not for the Reatta.

If the kits are wrong I want to know it so I can remove them from The Reatta Store.

BTW, the photo is just an example and my not be the actual brake parts.

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