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1957 Buick Dynaflow filter


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Guest Rob McDonald

BARRY, I just had my Dynaflow overhauled and did a lot of reading up on these beforehand. Where is this mesh filter located?

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I had to replace the screen on my 1956 due to a tear or hole in the center. I could not find an official replacement so I made my own. I purchsed the screen from McMaster Carr. It wasn't too difficult once I got the replacement screen. Carefully pry up the crimped edges of the old filter and the screen sections will lift out.

I do have a good screen from a 1963 Dynaflow that is a rectangle shape, not round like the one in the photos. I can get a photo of the 63 screen if you are interested in it.





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The filter is located in the bottom/center just above the pan. The rebuild kits that I've seen for sale don't show the filter It's an off set rectangle in shape, about 4"x6" and I believe held in with 6 screws. I thought about replacing the mesh material like you did Long Roof. On eBay a seller has 8"x10" brass mesh material for $9.99 that might work. It's tightly woven like the original at 80 lines an inch so I guess I need to start counting with a magnifying glass. Long Roof, send that 1963 filter pic if you can. Thanks for your replies, Barry

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Hi Barry. I sent you an EMail. Were it me I would opt for 60 X 60 in brass. Brass is soooo much easier to work with. It happens that I have a filter here to look at. If you are at all proficient at soldering and have the correct flux that would be the route I would take. Quick and easy. I have some 100 X 100 brass mesh I got from McMaster to make some fuel filters. It solders like a dream but the steel filter can will need flux suitable for it.....................Bob

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