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  1. That’s a piece of art. You do great work. I’m going to put the 215 into a 1959 MGA and won’t have the engine compartment space for a turbo. Thanks for the consideration, Barry
  2. I’ve come across a couple of Carter 9400’s and a Carter 9410. Both were 400 CFM. When I mentioned modern I was thinking as still in production, new. Holley has the Classic 390 CFM but it’s a little pricey. Regarding the Pontiac with the Olds turbo jetfire, there would be double takes, head scratchers and a few grins. Regards, Barry
  3. What was the 215’s original carburetor and cfm’s. What would be a modern replacement? Thanks for any help, Barry
  4. Sean, It did turn out to be a JN coded engine. The code was under some grime. I’m planning to build a MGA with a T-5 transmission and the 215 engine with a limited slip differential. MG has a factory history with the Buick/Rover 215. Thanks to everyone for all the great info, Barry
  5. Sean, Thanks. The seller found the the serial number so the code stamp will be extremely easy. Thanks again, Barry
  6. I’m possibly buy a 1963 Skylark 215 engine and I want to make sure that it’s a JN coded engine. I don’t have the motor in front of me so I need to tell the seller over the phone where to look. It has a 4 barrel manifold, no carburetor. The engine is stamped 3J1548264, which means it’s a 1963 engine made in Michigan but where is the “JN” stamp on the block? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help, Barry
  7. I’m looking for a 4 speed manual transmission, flywheel and bellhousing for a 215 engine. If you have any of these items please contact me. Thanks, Barry
  8. Dave, Do you have any dual carb. switch pitch kickdown brackets? Anyone reproducing one? Thanks for any help, Barry
  9. I’m looking for a 57 Buick Special 2dr. (I’m not sure if 2dr. matters) hood in good shape in the Mid Atlantic state area. I could also meet at Fall Carlisle or Hershey. Thanks, Barry
  10. I’m looking for a 1963 425 nailhead “JW” code. Complete for rebuilding. I’ll be at the Gettysburg event this month and could pickup there. Thanks for any help, Barry
  11. I found a salvage one from a club member. Never did come across a crossover part.
  12. I’m looking for a heater blower motor for my 57 Special. My squirrel cage is fine. Is there a crossover part? Thanks for any help, Barry
  13. Thanks for reply. I sheared one bolthead off years ago so when I pulled the motor last month all the others came out ok with some finesse. Even the sheared bolt came out with heat and vise grips. Thanks again, Barry