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Early 20's Cadillac part - what is missing?


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Date of manufacture is ba little bit out, David. It is a model 314, probably C series from what I can see. If it was A or B you should be able to see some of the generator mounted up front in the middle of the V. Take no notice of the statement in Maurice Hendry's book that there were just two. Just after it was published he was across here and I met him at a friend's place. For somone whose research was usually very thorough, I was surprised he slipped on this, and I think he was ,too. They are the last model with fork and blade conrods, and I reckon mine went very well at the time in the early 1960s. It commanded respect from modern cars in daily use in our state capital, Melbourne; and I seldom needed to change gear, even for stoplights, such was the light density of traffic then.

Your photo does not really make clear what you think may be missing.

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I checked the bonnet off mine, David. There are no holes there. You might have to put it down to someone's eccentricity. This bonnet appears to be aluminium sheet, but all I have seen before are steel. They mixed materials sometimes. The four door skins of my 314B 4 passenger phaton were aluminium, and all other sheet was steel.

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