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Max Bore on V12


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Guest zazothex

Have always wondered this myself. I know Peecher can add something to this, as he's got a pre-war (42) block bored out. The OCee Rich book states that the v12 can be bumped up to the L8 standard 3 1/16, but qualifies it by saying 1 in every 8 or so would probably hit water and would need to be sleeved. I considered trying it when I did my rebuild, but everything about the 12 is so expensive, I would rather stick with it stock.

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Dee Peecher can indeed weigh in on this. I myself am just now finishing assembly

on a 1942 block for my Continental. It has been bored out .60 over , with no problems.

By the way, Dee has helped me immensly with this rebuild and assembly.

Hoping to tour again this summer, after 4+ years of wait.

Mike Lynch

1941 Continental Cabriolet

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I've never checked a postwar block closely for cylinder wall thickness but if it's simular to the approximate 5/16" thickness of the '42 blocks I would think that an overbore of 1/8" would be safe on a 2-7/8" postwar block. .060" oversize 2-15/16" pistons could then be used. Availabilty of these pistons might be a problem altho Mike Lynch evidently got a set. The 3-1/16" overbore on the '42 block is just about the limit in my opinion. Standard Head gaskets will just barely make the necessary seal on the 3-1/16" bore but should be just fine on the 3" bore.

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