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Thermostat, 1942 Desoto

Doc Hubler

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Need a part number for the modern equivalent thermostat for the 228 6 cyl engine, 1942 DeSoto. Took the radiator in for repair and the heater core. Has to drill out the rivets to get the heater core out of the little box attached to the fan/squirrel cage portion of the heater. Looks like those are painted with spackled paint, essentially the same as what the 1941-47 Chevy truck interiors were.

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Assuming, with Chrysler's typical use of the same part across all makes where possible, that it is the same as for Plymouth then look at the NAPA THM 55 thermostat and see it it will work. It does look different than the original but is supposed to work with the bypass type thermostat housing.

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