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1955 Underseat heater

Paul Falabella

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Anyone know of a source for a 55 Roadmaster drivers side, underseat heater fan? Collar was frozen to shaft,had to be cut off. Could get by with just collar, but if possible would like assembly. Motor turns fair, expect better with use and lube.

Could also use a source for underhood insulation retainer bars. Several parts houses show those daisy shaped retainers but not the bars.


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Paul: I have a fan that came out of a 1953 Special's under seat heater. I compared its fan to the one I took out of my 1955 Century and they are identical. So if the Century and the Roadmaster had the same fan, I might be able to help you out. Let me know.

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Hi Joe, Thanks for responding. Actually I need the the fan, collar and set screw more than the motor. I had to cut the collar with a dremel to get it off, it was frozen so hard. In the process the fan,which I think is press fit came off. I am using JB weld to attach whats left of the collar to the fan. A couple days of PB Blaster has freed up the motor somewhat and I didn't mangle the shaft to badly. From what I see this unit doesn't turn at turbine speed so I am going to try to jury rig it back together.

However, if that fan is taking up valuable real estate I may be able help you out, let me know what you need.



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