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12V Elecrric Fuel Pump


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What is a good reliable 12V electric fuel pump to use on a 50s car? Because of added A/C to a particular 1958 car, the mechanical pump was negated and an electric pump installed. Have used two different popular brands of the "cube type" pump and neither lasted more than 4 years and less than 2000 miles each time. Of course an inlet filter is installed. Surely there's an aftermarket pump with greater longevity than that. Because the bracketry was initially set up for the cube type, this is what I replaced the pumnp with. But a cylindrical type could be used if I can find a hi-rel part.

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Both the "cube-type" and the "cylindrical" (which look like an in-line fuel filter) are generally of the "PULSE" type, and tend to be of the comparitavely less expensive variety. I know because that is what I used for years - at least until I wised-up.

Take a look at the vane-type or AC-Delco type. These tend to be a bit more expensive and larger. I know that there is a more technical term which escapes me at the moment, but perhaps others will chime in here. They are available in both 6_Volt, as well as 12-Volt models.

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The Carter's commentary includes "internally regulated", but it would be best to install an inline pressure gauge, at least temporarily, to see what the actual operating pressure might be. If it's too high, then an inline adjustable pressure regulator would be in order. With a carb, about 5.5-6psi is all the needles and seats would tolerate, which is about where the mechanical pumps would be.

Many OEM applications for fuel injection also use an oil pressure sender to run the fuel pump electricity through. No oil pressure, no fuel pressure drounding an engine which isn't running. Otherwise, you end up with the normal toggle switch hidden somewhere.

Just some thoughts,


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