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Trying to sell my 1925 Ahrens-Fox NS-4. Any suggestions?

Guest wickedhills

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Guest wickedhills


I'm new on this forum, and figured it would be a good place to ask for any hints or tips on selling my 1925 Ahrens-Fox pumper. As of right now I have put an ad out on Craigslist, but I don't know if that'll be enough and was wondering if there's any place else that I should list it.

This NS-4 was originally made for the Nashua, NH fire dept. and had a unique color scheme for that time period. I have had the thing completely restored to factory condition. It was even used as a template for die cast models because of its accuracy and attention to detail. All of the wear items are new and the crank shaft and rod bearings are set to the factory tolerances. For those interested in pictures or seeing the ad, I'll post the link below.

Ahrens-Fox NS-4 Reg. 1633

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