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  1. Gents, Yes, all of these Diamond T & Studebaker trucks are available. I talked to Bill last evening, and unfortunately he has misplaced his cell phone. Be patient. He is for real He is good people. Marty
  2. Dear Mr. Sam Craig, Yes, these various Diamond T trucks are still available. He also has some old Studebakers, including a 1937,(? year) express coupe. all the best, Marty
  3. Looking for a 1959 Desoto Explorer project car. Marty
  4. public stoning has a place....
  5. Contact Russell Wetmore. noon central time, monday - Friday. Sharon Wi. on Rt. 14. his junkyard is at Scharine Road and Rt. 14
  7. Would Motors Manual be of help? Marty c. # 773- four-nine-zero-9747.
  8. Looking for a 1940 Cadillac, model 7219F, has a divider window. Was sold in Wheaton Illinois in 1987. Marty
  9. Check on the top of the frame above the left front wheel. marty
  10. I think the marketing effort should be aimed at southern California....
  11. I'd bet that it would go 130-ish on a lake bed.
  12. I'm looking for a good running Mercedes Benz OM616, 2.4L diesel engine. thank you. Marty
  13. Looking for a complete & running Mercedes Benz OM616, 2.4 L diesel engine. please call 773-four-nine-zero-9747. thank you.
  14. Looking for 6 good tires, tubes and flaps. Size 38 x 7 or 9.00 x 24. thank you. 773-four-nine-zero-9747 marty
  15. Hewitt Searchlight. model # 39-C. Has mounting bracket for a vertical post windshield. Has a mirror on the back. original. 6" diameter. 4" deep. has bulb in socket. no rust. no dents. $47. plus shipping. Marty c. # 773-four-nine-zero-9747.
  16. Looking for oil capacity and cooling capacity on a Hall-Scott model 151 engine that's in a 1929 IH HS-54 truck. thank you. Marty
  17. This surely must be some type of signal for a peak in the collector car market.....
  18. IH windshield, for model L, R, or S. ask $110. Wiil not ship. Located on the north side of Chi-Raq, ( Chicago), 4 blocks east of I-94. c. # 773- four- nine- zero-9747.
  19. Need two wheels for a 1950 F-1. Same from '48-'53. 16 x 5.5 thank you. Marty c. # 773-four-nine-zero-9747.
  20. International Harvester model L, R, or S windshield for sale. ask $110. Will not ship. Located on the north side of Chi-Raq, ( Chicago). 4 blocks east of I-94. Marty C. # 773-four-nine-zero-9747.
  21. Looking for a pair of Ford 5 lug rims. Used on pickups from '48-'53. size : 16 x 5.5 thank you. Marty c. # 773- four - nine- zero- 9747
  22. leaving on Sat. the 21st. -Open trailer leaving the Chicago Illinois area 2nd or 3rd week of April. Traveling a bit south of Atlanta Ga. 18' x 8'6" open gooseneck trailer. deck over wheels. Marty c. # 773-four-nine-zero-9747.
  23. nope. that's a transplant. The splash 216 ws not known for long life / durability.... This engine had a 216.48-cubic-inch (3.5 L) displacement with a 3.500” (88.90 mm) bore and a 3.750” (95.25 mm) stroke. A four-bearing crankshaft was added, along with 6.5:1 compression pistons, for 85 hp (63 kW). A new cylinder head in 1941 increased output to 90 hp (67 kW), and 6.6:1 compression gave the 1949 model 92 hp (69 kW). This generation did not use a fully pressurized oilingsystem. The connecting rods were oiled using an "oil trough" built into the oil panthat had spray nozzles that squirted a stream of oil at the connecting rods (which were equipped with "dippers"), thus supplying oil to the rod bearings. Rod bearings were made of babbitt cast integral with the rod. The bearing was adjustable for wear by removing copper shims placed between the rod cap and connecting rod. In this way specified oil clearance could be maintained. If the crankshaft were to be turned undersized, or if the bearing was damaged or worn out, rod and bearing were replaced as a unit, typically at the dealership.[citation needed]
  24. please contact Jack Hadfield at the Chicago Fire Museum. They have several Ahrens-Fox rigs. JKHadfield at wowway dot com tell'em Marty Mersch sent you. all the best, m