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Reatta speakers for the 'vert


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I realize I need 4x10 speakers for the rears and 5.25 for the front. I went on line and looked for Infinity 4x10 but it looks like they are no longer available. I am considering Boss #SE-433 and Pioneer TSG1343R for the front.

Any advice or comments appreciated. Thanks...

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Regardless of which aftermarket speakers you go with, I would recommend purchasing a couple sets of the Metra #72-4500 wiring adapters. With them, you won't have to cut up your factory wiring harness and splice. Just plug and play.

Not sure what to recommend on 4x10s. It is frustrating. Most seem to be similar. E.g., stamped baskets (which ring), polypropylene or metal cones (which ring), and cheap coaxial tweeters (which typically don't sound that great). Few, if any, provide even basic Thiele-Small specs (e.g., Fs, Qts, Xmax, etc) so that one could start to make an informed decision.

It is really best if the front and rear woofers have matching, or at least similar, construction details so that they sound pretty much the same where their frequency ranges overlap. That is, if the front woofer cones are paper, the rears should be paper. If fronts are poly, the rears should be poly, etc. Same with any tweeters. Personal opinion is that tweeters really aren't needed in the rear because I like my 'sound stage' to come from the front. Also in the Reatta 'vert, the rear speakers point straight into the rear seat backs, so the tweeters would be muted to a large extent anyway. With this in mind, a quality extended range (whizzer cone) speaker, if it were available, would probably be fine.

OTOH, if you are not a critical listener, most anything that fits is ok. :)

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