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1946-1950 Chrysler Frame Diagram needed and possibly assistance for a young restorer??

Guest oldsmobile1915

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Guest oldsmobile1915

Does anyone have a copy of the Motor's Body & Frame manual or an early Motor's Crash Book that shows the late 1940s Chrysler 4 door windsor frame with dimensions? If so, can I get a scan of it either posted here or sent to me direct? (jjferrero3@yahoo.com) I believe it is a C38?? I didn't see a tag on the firewall (removed).

The reason why I am asking...

I have a kid that that came to me (age 13 named Max) that doesn't have a lot of money to work with, and he went out and bought a car for $400 that hasn't moved in over 40 years. When he showed me what he bought, I saw the front fenders, hood, grill, etc bent in and he showed me that it comes with a pair of straighter fenders. As I looked, I noticed a bent frame. I personally would have considered the car a parts car... but he loves it.

He cannot drive yet, but wants to rebuild this car (and keep it stock with the flat head L6 and fluid drive) and use it as his daily driver to go to and from school when he is able to drive. This gives him at least 3 to 4 years to put it together. I told him I would try to guide him the best that I can with what we have to work with, but I don't want to break his heart and say to him "part it out, make some more money from it, and buy one that is not in such a rough condition" He seems eager to learn, he is willing to work hard, he is a good kid with decent grades in school, and he is a younger generation that wants to restore and not hack a car.

I'm about 20 minutes south of Rochester NY, and if anyone is able to help this kid out in the car hobby or have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks in advance and much appreciated!


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Have him come over after school and work on the car. Start by cleaning it out, save anything that resembles a car part. Move on to dismantling the front end so you can pull the frame. Keep him working as long as he shows up. Let him work on your stuff too, to "earn" his way.

See how long he takes to get sick of it. Could be soon at his age, that is not a bad thing. He needs to learn many things before he finds out who he is.

If he sticks with it maybe he will figure out why you said the car was not worth fixing but if he is like me he will have to fix up a few cars before he clues in.

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Guest oldsmobile1915

Thanks for the dimensions and replies. I have been posting on Facebook the progress (so Max - the boy) has access. If you would like to follow what has been going on, you can see it at: Facebook

Any other tips, tricks, or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Oh as a side note, if you would like to see my 1946 Triumph as a tree house, check it out on facebook at:

Tree Creations in Geneseo | Facebook

Thanks again!

~Joe Ferrero

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