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info on woodies


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I am looking at buying a old ford woodie from a guy. It needs everything replaced floor, all wood missing rotted away except the back & frame rotted. I was wanting to know were do you go to find replacements for the wood on these cars an body parts in general? I am not new to old cars currently I have a 64 T bird Landau being redone, 74 F250 Crew waiting to be finished come spring an 70 Cougar XR-7 convertible with Hurst 4 speed going to be long term project no hurry with it. I am planning to probably buy this car or one like it an drive my T bird then sell the T bird an make this car or one like it a daily driver.

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Woodies that are derelict these days need lots of help. I do not know where you, or the Woodie are, but even here in CA, Woodies do deteriorate, quite quickly.

Fords seem to have many more replacement parts available, not sure of the costs, since I haven't worked on a Ford for many years. The Fords I did work on were restorable as they were found, with not much needing replacing.

Just a lot of elbow grease!!

I suggest you join the NWC (National Woodie Club), if you're not already a member.

Their monthly magazine will give you volumes of info and vendors with the parts you will need.

Once you get past that, there are folks here to keep you motivated, and offer some advice from years of devotion to Woodies.

Go get it, they are getting scarce!!


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Like Mike said - join the National Woody Club....

Woodies are scarce and well worth the effort to restore.

However, when needing all new wood, that is where it can get VERY costly. The Fords have a larger following (plus there were more produced) than other woodies and the parts resources are there. But one thing to remember is that woodies have a lot of body/hardware components that are "woody specific". In other words, you will not find them on a regular metal car of the same era. So if they are missing, replacing/making them can be a chore.

Body parts - hood/front fenders are the same from Fords from the same era. However, and correct me if I am mistaken, the rear fenders for woodies are not the same.

If time and money, you will need both, are no object, you can buy this car and restore/have it restored.

If you are absolutely wanting/needing a woody then maybe looking for one in better condition (wood-wise) may be easier.

Wood restoration is expensive - right Mike?? - and is far more complex than it seems. Even if you were to buy a pre-fab wood kit for this car it would still need to be "fitted" and "tweaked" as it is assembled. Even if you sold the T-Bird Landau, and I am not sure how much it is worth, you probably would not have enough money out of that car to redo just the wood.

I am not trying to discourage you from buying the car. Just saying....

Everyone here - don't beat me up on facts, info or my opinions - I am just trying to help.


Mike - I did not get to the rear splash apron on my T & C this weekend but I did get all 4-door panels on


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The car I am looking at is on ebay a 1949 Ford Woodie in Rhode Island an in bad condition & they was talking bout crushing it if not sold soon it is on ebay for $200. The thing I am wondering bout is using it for a daily driver an how would it be driving?

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Joe. Great advice for our friend kalve.

I, for one, will not even think about beating you up for offering your opinion, even if I disagree with it, which I do not.

I believe Ford made more Woodies in any given year than all the rest combined.

Please correct if I am wrong, guys.

Kalve, Woodies are so very unique, and will always be so, if you have any affinity to these treasures, get involved.

But, beware, it is a serious disease, with NO cure!!

Joe. it doesn't matter if you didn't get to the rear splash apron, you got other things done, and, HEY, you are working on it!!

That is what it is all about!!

Cheers, Mike

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this one was under 100 dollars and was found on ebay.. (a few years ago)

the owner built a new floor, rockers did the wood suspension, everything.. himself..

I rode to ohio in the car a few years later..


and while it was a comfy ride.. I dont know if I would ever consider it a daily driver here in PA!

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