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1966 Electra 4 door HT upstate NY headed to crusher $1000

Guest BJM

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1966 Buick Electra 225 Sedan

NOT MINE and too far away for me to save :).

1966 Buick Electra 225 Sedan, 401 cubic inch Buick V-8 Wildcat Nailhead Engine. Automatic transmission.

Black with Black interior, 115k Miles.

Before I got the car the engine was rebuilt. This car runs and drives.

I have a lot of extra parts. I do not have any paperwork to register this car.If i don't sell the car by the weekend it will be going to the boneyard!

Call Jim at 845-559-5082

Phone Calls only No Emails.

$1150 or Best Offer


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its not that hard to get a title. its a shame to get rid of it cause a paperwork issue. instead of scrapping it where the car probely will get you around 6-800$ donate it to a veterans charity write it off on your taxes and save a car

I know, getting a title isn't fun, but it's possible in just about every state. I know - I used to be a title clerk for Wells Fargo.

The problem is I find cars like this all day long, that IF we could just get them in the hands of a interested party, they could be preserved and enjoyed in the hobby. Too much emphasis on the high dollar end of the hobby and the cars that pique interest.

I love this car. I would buy it if closer. Color to me means a lot, black on black with no vinyl roof. This is Buicks version of the 66 Cadillac Fleetwood black on black cars that mobsters and wall street types owned. It needs road wheels over hubcaps, but is an awesome car.

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Glad you started this thread Bryan. Looking just at the pics in the original ad I would say the car is too far gone to be saved. Here's why.

The area inside the rear fender well shows signs of rust through. This tells me the rear window leaks and it has ruined the pinchweld along with the trunk, rear body mounts and possibly the floor under the rear seat. A second pictures shows the rear window trim also skewed, reinforcing my previous assumption. And then there is other body damage besides, plus the peeling clear coat paint job, telling me the car was painted once already, so who knows what else is wrong.

Now maybe it's just me, but considering there is no paperwork to register the car, which in New York State means there is no transferable registration available because NY did not start titles till 1973, this is a $100.00 car. This thing will have to be towed where ever it goes and is just not worth $1,000. But this guy wants $1,150, not even $1,000. If he sends it to the crusher chances are he will get no more than $200- $300 for it, so if he really wanted to sell it, why ask more than that?

If he ever had clear ownership all he has to do is go to his local DMV and simply ask for a copy of his registration. Obviously he is not willing to do that. And is simply trying to pressure someone into buying this hulk by threatening to send it to the crusher if it isn't sold by the weekend.

My experience tells me that when someone is pressuring you to buy something under duress, you'd be best served by walking away, fast!

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OK Bryan: If that guy is asking $1100 he ain't sending it to the crusher or junk yard. That's the classic tease because he wants too much money for it. These people don't realise that a quick fever ($500) is better than a slow pain in the neck that might get him $350. Mitch

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Hi Bryan,

Just wanted to mention that I enjoy your posts featuring the cars that should be saved. I`m sure at some point, if not already, someone`s attention has or will be called to a purchase by your posts. Thanks,

Tom Mooney


Thanks. Quite a few are saved and sometimes folks join the appropriate club. I buy a few myself, but not when they are this far away.

I spend too much time on the laptop, consuming coffee in the a.m. or other beverages in the p.m., checking Craigs Lists.

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here is a super nice 76 better shape than what i have I hope the buyer saves it and drives it

WeCrash Demolition Derby Message Board - 1976 Buick Limited, ND

Gary, WOW! that's a great car, starter or not. When they are nearly 40 years old and in this shape I can almost guarantee you they were well taken care of. Some folks still think the mid 70's are "used cars" but they are time capsules and nicely styled and great road cars. I would love to own that one. I have been looking for a 74-76ish full size Buick and that guy ended up selling, it appears, for $1000!

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