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October Buick Bugle


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Another really nice Buick Bugle is in the hands of members. You Reatta Division was featured on pages 36 and 37. The Reattas had good coverage thanks to the article written with photos by Division member Harv Grotrian BCA #36330 of Holland Michigan. It just seems like yesterday that we were all trying to stay cool in the hot NC sun.

I take my hat off to Pete Phillips and his team for doing an outstanding job as usual.

If you got a chance to look at the 64 Skylark Convertible, It was time capsule.

It was a good time

Hope to see everyone in South Bend

Chuck Kerls


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Yes there was some good coverage and pictures.

2013 South Bend...... I understand the Hilton Garden Inn is sold out, leaving the Inn at St. Mary's. Tom Selander has surveyed South Bend and said the hotels are side-by-side. Also the Reatta Div has not made plans for staying at any other hotel.

If you are planning on going to Sout Bend, get you hotel reservation made, or you may be staying at some remote location.

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Thank you for reminding me.

Ed had made his reservations at the Inn at St Marys a while back and I was supposed to but forgot. I did it just now.

The dates for anyone interested are Wednesday 7/17 through Saturday 7/20 and the phone number at that motel is 574 232 4000.

All this info is on the back page of the Bugle.


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