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Carburetor problem


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:confused: I'm trying to get the '16 ready for a car show on the 20th. For the five + years I've had this car it has performed flawlessly.

Now there is a fuel problem with thecarburetor. I'm at a loss as to what the problem is. The car starts fine but idles roughly. When Iput it in gear it dies unless I increase acceleration significantly. Turning the adjusting screw makes no difference. Metering pin?? I took off the float chamber cover and float and noticed bubbles

coming up from the needle valve seat.

I had checked the carb and found the metering pin was sticking and cleaned it with acetone.

That seemed to alleviate the sticking problem and the pin rose and fell while turning the adjustment screw.

I did not check the internal parts.

Any ideas as to the cause and possible fix are greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Bill

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Definitely the above two, and try plugging off the vacuum wiper, if you've got one and be prepared with a $30.00 gasket kit for the carb re-assembly or... buy a roll of "fuel-proof" gasket paper (the dark grey stuff), for about $5.00 and cut your own gaskets. You'll need a new heat proof gasket for the carb-to-engine gasket flange when it comes off in three pieces. The disassembly of that carb has to be done in a sequence when you remove the 4 bottom screws on the carb's rack & pinion unless you first remove the choke bell crank, then the pinion shaft packing nut assembly. the metering valve has a LEAD seat up in the shaft tunnel for the metering pin. Don't go picking at it or scratch it by accident when cleaning those parts. Also don't clamp and force too much on the cast brass parts in a vise since they're old and FRAGILE and they will snap. First before a total carb overhaul, try un-screwing the large drain nut under the bottom of the float bowl and see what may come out. There's a filter screen up in there and comes out with the bottom nut I'm talking about. If you say the engine ran fine a while back, there's no reason the parts like the float needle and seat are worn & leaking without being moved in and out. It may be dirt.or rust from the vacuum tank. If you find the tank has gotten rusty, there's a fix for that too.

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