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Bought an 89 Reatta blue: Headlight Retract Issue


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I just bought my Reatta. 1989 with 127k. The headlights were coming up when turned on and then down when off. After someone screwed one of the adjustment knobs now they won't pop up when turned on and have to manually be popped up with pushing the Lamp retract button. What did we do or is there an adjustment to get them to come back up when they should? Thanks

P.S. I'll be looking for an 89 service manual and body manual for this car. I'm about to go take pics and try and clean it up for now.


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Guest 89 Maui

Ronnie -

When I would depress my headlight sw my headlights would pop right up, solid as a rock.

When I was down at Concord I was demonstrating the drivers side headlight by manually

raising the headlight. I only brought the headlight up about 1/3 and then lowered it manually

but only till the headlight just stop lowering, but since then the headlight does the hop-scotch

when I raise the headlight but it does go up on its own.

I was wondering if the motor position on the screw drive was "out-of-sync" than when before I

raised the headlight manually.


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Woody, I'm not an expert on the headlights but as far as I know the gearbox screw drive is not synchronized or timed in any way. Assuming you start out with the headlights closed, the motor runs until the headlight module senses a certain amount of current draw (when the headlight assembly comes up and hits the stop) and it shuts off the motor. Going down is the same. When I replaced the rollers in my headlight gearboxes I didn't take any special care to put them back together in time. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this. It has been a few years since I had mine apart.

Have you rebuilt your headlight gearboxes? (usually referred to as motors) From you description it sounds like you have rollers going bad or bellcranks rounding out. New kits and some adjustments will probably cure your problem.

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Guest Kingsley

Ronnie is correct in what he says. When replacing the Delrin torque rollers located inside of the lower motor housing, some folks get concerned about the orientation of the white nylon gear and/or the crank arm as they are re-installed.. It makes no difference whatsoever as the assembly will automatically reposition itself the first time that they open.

You may wish to check my website www.reattaspecialtyparts.com which will give you a good rundown on the two headlight crank arm and parts kits that I offer.


'89, '90 Coupes

Member AACA, BCA and Reatta Divisi0n, BCA

Reatta Specialty Parts, - Home

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Would like more information about "hop scotch". Have seen a mechanical issue where the light goes up then down in the same cycle.

Agree that turning the up down screw should not have an effect unless turned the wrong way against the stop. Could cause the issue above.

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